Sean Burke-Gaffney


Sean envisions the day when digital technology becomes the invisible hand that connects people and brands through amazing experiences.

A graduate with Distinction of CMTOu - an exclusive executive MBA-style learning course focused on driving radical change in the digital space, Sean is a charismatic, results-oriented leader whose passion is tempered and disciplined by a focus on shipping product. He builds trust and loyalty by inspiring people to produce great work and is known for building teams that work extraordinarily well together.

- h e ' s  a  c l e v e r g u y -

Sean Burke-Gaffney

An expert in the digital space, he is eminently resourceful, generating pragmatic ideas for solving business problems. Sean is effective at influencing people and an ace at stakeholder management He is a scrappy innovator, yet understands scale and complexity in systems, organisations and culture.

Living at the intersection of story and technology, Sean sees around corners, paints the big picture and ‘gets’ marketers and marketing. Sean helps make decisions that serve tactical needs whilst aligning to evolving business strategies. In the digital space, from systems architecture to middle-ware API and experience design for today’s mobile world, Sean has years of expertise with the triumphs and battle scars to show.

Charisma. Leadership. Gravitas. Business acumen. Grace under pressure. This is Sean.

Sean is really good at:

Systems Thinking

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Team Building

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Ground-breaking ideas come from a shared commitment to some core beliefs.
Great work emerges when we surround ourselves with people who share those beliefs.
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People aren't loyal to <i>what</i> you do or even <i>how</i> you do it. It is when <i> why </i> you do what you do resonates with your audience that a bond occurs and the loyalty journey begins.
The value of any product or service lies in the eyes of the customer.  All that matters is what your customers believe about you.
The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team.
Digital technology continues to transform our world and will for the foreseeable future. Not all of it is good, not enough of it is delightful.


A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step - measured, eyes on your North Star.
Innovation only comes from a commitment to change and a willingness to experiment.
The most delightful experiences emerge when the customer reacts with 'how did they do that?'
To realise a new future we must imagine fearlessly and focus on experiences that delight.

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